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IPower 400/600/1000W HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Cool Tube Hood Reflector

IPower 400/600/1000W HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Cool Tube Hood Reflector

IPower 400/600/1000W HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Cool Tube Hood Reflector

1000 Watt HPS;HPS grow light;grow light;grow lights;1000 Watt grow light;hydroponics;high pressure sodium;grow lights;Wing reflector. Power Grow Light 400W/600W/1000W Super HPS/MH Dimmable Grow Light Sets.

Our flawless ratings, feedbacks and praises are not just vouches of excellence but returning customers, ranging from single-light to hundred-light setups, time after time. Customize your set from our options. Choice of the following fixtures with ceramic socket installed. 6 Cooltube Reflector with Add-on Wings.

6 Cooltube Reflector with XL Add-on Wings. 8 Cooltube Reflector with XXL Add-on Wings.

6 Air Cool Hood with Removable Glass Panel. IPower 400W/600W/1000W Digital Dimmable Ballast (UL Listed). 1x 120V Heavy Durty Power Cord.

Choice of the following iPower 400W/600W/1000W Super HPS / MH Bulbs combos. 1x Super HPS + 1 MH Bulb.

Heavy Duty Grow Light Flexi Ratchet. FREE: 7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Program Timer. How To Choose Air Cool Hood/ Cooled Tube/ Wing Reflector? Most Effective type of Reflector. Prevent heat stress so that can be close to plant. Most efficient in removing heat generated by bulb. No refraction of light on the glass. Normally 6% to 9% lumens will be lost due to the glass interface. 19 Aluminum Wing Reflector w/ Ceramic Socket. Flexible reflector for angles up to 180 degrees.

Imprinted convex surface for better light distribution. Built-in 15' heavy duty lamp cord with ceramic mogul socket. Versatile and flexible to install. Ideal for small areas with temperature control.

Light can be hung in vertical or horizontal positions. Dimensions (L x W): 18.5" x 18.5". Heavy duty 15' lamp cord (UL Listed). Precise 4'x4' of light coverage. Coverage depends on fixture height and wattage; results may vary. 6" Cooltube reflector w/ add-on wing 24" long. Built-in 15' heavy duty lamp cord with ceramic mogul socket (UL Listed). Fan, filter and duct supported. Ideal for small areas with inline fan installed. Dimensions (D x L): 6" X 24". Internal and external (wing) reflectors included. 6" Cooltube XL Reflector w/ add-on 29" x 26 Extra Large Wing. Ideal for large areas with inline fan installed.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 29" X 26" X 8. Install Space Requirement (L x W x H): 21.25" x 18.5 " x 4.75.

Large 5'x5' of light coverage. 8" Cooltube XXL Reflector w/ add-on 36" x 32 Extra Large Wing. Dimensions (L x W x H): 36" X 32" X 10.

Large 6'x6' of light coverage. 6" Air Cool hood 23" x 17 w/ glass cover. Sealing gaskets between glass and metal; ideal for inline fan installs. Dimensions (L x W x H): 23" X 17" x 9.

IPower 400W/600W/1000W Dimmable Digital Electronic Ballast. Conveniently wired with standard hydroponic "S" plug. Operating Voltage Range: 100V 265V.

Anodized aluminum fins for maximized heat dissipation. Fully compatible with HPS & MH bulbs. Dimming power settings: 50% (half power), 75%, and 100% (full power). Power Supply Frequency: 47 63 Hz. Operating Frequency: 25 100 kHz.

Power Factor: > 0.97. Open & Short Circuit Protection. Internal Resin coating for long life. Ballast color & shape may vary, 250w model is not dimmable. IPower 400W/600W/1000W Super HPS / Metal Halide Bulb.

IPower Hortilife Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb - Available in 400, 600, 1000W. Weight (lbs): 0.4-1.0. Bulb Shape: 1000w, T46; 400/600w, E25. Initial Lumen (lm): 400w: 55,000; 600w: 85,000; 1000w, 140,000. Expected Life Span (Hr): 24,00032,000.

Bulb orientation: vertical & horizontal. IPower Hortilife Metal Halide Bulbs - Available in 400, 600, 1000W. Weight (lbs): 0.4-1.1. Bulb shape: 400w, T75; 1000w, T64.

Lumen (lm): 400w: 36,000; 600w: 55,000; 1000w: 92,000. Expected Life Span (Hr): 12,00020,000. Raise and lower light fixture in one simple movement.

1/8 rope that supports up to 75 lbs of tension (150 lbs total). High quality stainless steel latches.

Compatible with all parabolic and round reflectors, as long as hooks and locking latch suit. One Locking Latch for hanging the reflector, the other one to connect the hanger to the ceiling. Up to 150 lbs / 68 kg weight load capacity per pair. Always anchor free end of rope in the unlikely event of mechanical. Perfect for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters and ventilation equipment.

Can be configured in numerous timing schedules. Up to 8 on/off times per day. Includes two outlets with 15 amp capacity, 1 minute intervals available. Battery backup assures you stay on schedule even after a power outage. Heavy duty construction with plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture.

IPower 400/600/1000W HPS MH Grow Light System Kit Wing Cool Tube Hood Reflector